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As of September 30, 2016, the Carbon Capture and Sequestration Technologies program at MIT has closed. The website is being kept online as a reference but will not be updated.

White Rose* Project Fact Sheet: Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Project
(Formerly Drax CCS Project)

Company/Alliance: UK Government and others TBD

Location: UK. Exact location TBD

Feedstock: Coal

Size: 300-400 MW

Capture Technology: Post combustion Capture (including Oxy-fuel) exact TBD (90% capture required)

CO2 Fate: Offshore Storage

Timing: Competition prequalification (March 2008); Winner announced (May/June 2009); Demonstration (2014)


The winner of the UK competition will receive up to 100% governmental funding for CCS (not including the power plant).


The UK CCS competition was launched in November 2007 for the first UK full-scale CCS demonstration project with governmental backing. BERR, the Department of Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform under the Department of Trade and Industry is organizing the competition. This competition was designed to create a healthy competitive environment which will ultimately result in the speedy deployment of CCS in the UK. After Hatfield was eliminated at the end of 2008, and Tilbury late 2009, there are now 2 projects left in the competition: Kingsnorth and Longannet.

This competition is also working to set a framework for subsequent wider deployment of CCS: including regulation, EU ETS, and post 2012 Kyoto agreement.

Project Link: UK CCS Project website

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