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Carbon Capture and Sequestration Project Database

 arrow Welcome to the Carbon Capture and Sequestration project database provided by the Carbon Capture and Sequestration Technologies at MIT.

 arrow We have a number of different web pages with information on CCS projects worldwide.

 arrow Below is a summary what the CCS database contains.

 arrow This database has been frozen as of September 30, 2016.

Map of CCS Projects Worldwide

This is an interactive Google map showing the location of the active CCS projects worldwide. These include power plant CCS projects, non-power CCS projects and CCS pilot projects. If you click on the icons, you will get a summary of the project and a link which takes you to the more detailed project web page.

Due to the interactive nature of Google maps, you can zoom in on a specific area. This is helpful when multiple projects are in close proximity on the map.

Power Plant CCS Projects

These are large scale, over 60 MW, CCS projects from which the CO2 is sourced from power plants. The database summary table contains information on the project name, the main leader of the project, feedstock, size, capture process, CO2 fate, proposed start-up date and the project's location. More detailed project information may be found on the project's web page which you can access by clicking on the project's name. All the information which has been used to create the individual project web pages is referenced with a website link at the bottom of the web page.

The database is split into regions for ease of browsing and the projects are organized by proposed start-date.

All of these projects are currently active in planning and execution of their CCS plans. When a project is unfortunately cancelled or placed on hold, we change the start-date to indicate the status of the project. After a period of inactivity the project is removed from the database.

A list of abbreviations used in the table is provided at the bottom of the web page.

Non-Power CCS Projects

This database contains all other CCS projects from which the CO2 is not sourced from power plants. This includes industrial and natural sources. The summary table provides information on the project's leader, location, CO2 source, size, CO2 sink and proposed start date. More detailed project information may be found on the project's web page which you can access by clicking on the project's name.

These projects include the US DOE Regional Partnership projects which, although some of them are small, they are important as they have all recieved US Government funding.

Like the previous web pages, this database is organized into regions and arranged in chronological order of the proposed start date.

A list of abbreviations used in the table is provided at the bottom of the web page.

Commercial EOR Projects using Anthropogenic CO2

These Commercial EOR projects are projects which capture almost a pure stream of CO2 and use it commercially for CO2-EOR. These large scale projects include project information on the general project parameters, but also include additional information on the EOR site, the length of pipeline from the capture site to the injection site, the type of reservoir, its depth and where information is available, the additional reo very rate achieved using the CO2-EOR.

Pilot Power Plant CCS Projects

These pilot CCS projects are smaller scale projects ranging from 1 MW to 50 MW and are dedicated to the advancement of research in CCS and its larger scale deployment. They include all types of CCS pilot projects from both power and industrial projects. The summary table contains information on the pilot project's main leader, its size, capture type, current status and its announced start date.

These projects are also arranged in chronological order. You may access the more detailed project web page by clicking on the project's name.

Announced Projects

There are many CCS projects being announced worldwide. This web page is to give the reader basic information about these projects without saturating the main database. When an announced project becomes more detailed and more information is publicly available, then a project web page is created for the project and it is moved into one of the main CCS databases. The most recent news article on the project is provided for reference.

This database also contains dormant projects; those which have had no news on for multiple years but which have not been publicly cancelled.

Cancelled and Inactive Projects

These are projects which have been cancelled, postponed (On Hold), or have had no news or any activity for an extended amount of time (Dormant).

This is to give the reader a record of projects which have not proceeded and where possible, the reason why this happened.

CCS Project Recent Updates

The CCS project database is constantly being maintained and updated with public data. In order for the visitor to see what the most recent updates are, we have provided a page with all the recent updates and links to those news articles and to the project for which the update was about.

Regional CCS Financing Summaries

These summary sheets are designed to give a quick overview of the region's CCS financial background and there are links to different project funding sources for more detailed information. These summaries can also be found by clicking on the country's name in the CCS database table headings.

Currently we have summary policies on:

» USA « » Canada « » Europe « » Australia «


Other Online Databases

There are a number of other comprehensive CCS project databases online. This web page provides links to them and other useful reports on CCS projects.

Additional Information

We have a staff member keeping this database as up to date and accurate as possible.

Due to the constant changing nature of these projects we are unable to offer the database in a downloadable format. However, you are welcome to copy the tables from your browser provided proper referencing to our work is cited.