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As of September 30, 2016, the Carbon Capture and Sequestration Technologies program at MIT has closed. The website is being kept online as a reference but will not be updated.

Puertollano Fact Sheet: Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Project

Company/Alliance: ELCOGAS, S.A

Location: Puertollano, Spain

Feedstock: Coal and pet-coke

Size: 14 MW of 335 MW plant; 100 tons/day

Capture Technology: Pre-combustion IGCC (90% capture)

CO2 Fate: Recycled back to the IGCC process

Timing: Construction permit (December 2008); Commissioning (May-October 2010); First CO2 captured (September 2010); End of characterisation tests (June 2011)


The objectives of the project are to: 1) Demonstrate at industrial scale the technical viability of precombustion carbon capture technology in a IGCC power plant, and 2) Obtain economic data about CO2 capture cost  representative enough to scale it to full size.

The budget of the project (engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning) has reached €13.4 Million. The Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation together with the Regional Government (JCCM) subsidized the project with €7 Million.


ELCOGAS offers both the Puertollano IGCC and the pilot plant for CO2 capture and H2 production as technical platforms to develop of process, equipment, components, or even pre-engineering of new plants with CCS and zero emissions.

The 14 MW pilot plant for CO2 capture and H2 coproduction is integrated in the Puertollano IGCC Plant, and treats 3,600 Nm3/h of syngas, equivalent to 2% of the total syngas generated in the IGCC power plant. The feeding gas can be either sweet (design conditions) or sour. The process is composed by three units: CO to CO2 conversion unit (using water gas shift technology), CO2 and H2 separation unit (using chemical absorption technology), and H2 purification unit (PSA). The pilot captures 100 tons per day of CO2 using the pre-combustion technology, being the capture rate higher than 90%. The pilot also produces 2 tons per day of 99.99% purity hydrogen.

Project Link: ELCOGAS project website

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