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Otway Fact Sheet: Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Project

Company/Alliance: CO2CRC (Cooperative Research Center for Greenhouse Gas Technologies)

Location: Otway Basin, Southern Australia

Start Date: 2008

Size: 0.065 Mt/yr

CO2 Source: Natural deposit

Storage: Depleted gas reservoir (2000m depth)


To test if CO2 storage is economical and environmentally sustainable in Australia.

In January 2013, the Victorian Government has allocated $4 million to support the ongoing carbon dioxide capture and storage research in the Otway Basin.


Pilot study of 65'000 tons of CO2 was successfully conducted in 2008 with no leakage. The fields in the Otway Basin are CO2 gas-rich. Climate change received a large amount of attention and importance in the 2007 Australian governmental elections and it is very supportive of CO2 sequestration projects. Phase 2 of the drilling started in February 2010. Once the well is drilled to a depth of 1500m, injected carbon dioxide will be used to evaluate several types of carbon dioxide trapping mechanisms and refine methods of monitoring geological storage of the gas. The project has injected 65,000 tons of CO2 since starting in 2008. In June 2010 the Otway project had successfully stored 50,000 tons of CO2. In December 2011 CO2CRC confirmed that the Otway Project storage in 'depleted gas fields can be safe and effective, and that these structures could store globally significant amounts of carbon dioxide'.

In stage two of the project, researchers are undertaking CO2 storage research in a saline formation. This research will improve understanding of the ways CO2 is trapped in the rocks and will help commercial carbon capture and storage projects estimate the storage capacity and security of these common geological formations.

A stage two CCS trial was successfully completed in March 2012.

Project Link: CO2CRC Otway Project website

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Date Modified February 17, 2015

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