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Big Bend Station Fact Sheet: Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Project

Company/Alliance: Tampa Electric, Siemens

Location: Big Bend Power Station, Ruskin, Florida, USA

Feedstock: Coal

Size: 1 MW (slipstream from 1892 MW power station)

Capture Technology: Post-combustion (Siemens POSTCAP technology)

CO2 Fate: N/A

Timing: Operation (2013)


The US DOE awarded this project in July 2010 with a $8.9 million grant. This pilot plant was one of 10 selected by the DOE aimed at developing advanced technologies for capturing carbon dioxide from coal combustion.


Tampa Electric is also conducting a study on a new technology to clean synthetic gas (syngas) at elevated temperatures on a 30% side stream on nearby Polk Power Station a 250 MW IGCC plant. Siemens will design, install and operate a pilot plant at the Big Bend Power Station. The Shaw Group was awarded a contract by RTI International which is working with the DOE’s National Energy Technology Laboratory to design and build a sulfur removal demonstration unit. The project is demonstrating Siemens POSTCAP technology which utilizes an amino acid salt formulation as a solvent for CO2 absorption

Project Link: Tampa Electric press release

Other Sources and Press Releases:
Tampa Electric to test CCS technologies at Big Bend Polk stations
(July 2010)
Tampa Electric to participate in two U.S. Department of Energy funded demonstration projects designed to advance carbon dioxide capture technologies
( July 2010)
Siemens Awarded $8.9 million Grant from DOE to Build its First CO2 Capture Project for Coal-fired Power Plants in the USA (July 2010)
Tampa Electric website
Siemens website

Date Modified January 5, 2015

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