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Appalachian Power Fact Sheet: Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Project

Company/Alliance: American Electric Power (AEP): Appalachian Power

Location: Adjacent to AEP’s Mountaineer Plant, New Haven, West Virginia, US

Feedstock: Coal

Size: 629 MW

Capture Technology: IGCC/Pre-combustion

CO2 Fate: Undetermined

Timing: Engineering and design study (2007) and earliest possible completion (mid-2012)
No news on this project since 2009. It is presumed to be cancelled.


The cost is approximately US$2.23 billion, 20-30 % higher for the IGCC than for a similar pulverized coal plant. To recover the costs the West Virginia electricity rates will increase by approximately 12% by 2012 when the plant is online. Carbon capture is being seriously considered for this plant and they are therefore making it carbon capture ready. The CCS aspect is highly dependent on the government regulations on CO2 emissions expected in the coming years.


Appalachian Power filed for regulatory approvals with the Public Service Commission of West Virginia. They also filed for regulatory approvals with the Virginia State Corporation Commission and asked to recover Virginia’s share of the costs associated with construction beginning in 2009.

Project Link: AEP website

Other Sources and Press Release:
Clean Air task force support of Appalachian power CCS project (December 2007)
Appalachian Power files application to build IGCC power plant in West Virginia (January 2006)

Date Modified January 5, 2015

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