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As of September 30, 2016, the Carbon Capture and Sequestration Technologies program at MIT has closed. The website is being kept online as a reference but will not be updated.

White Rose* Project Fact Sheet: Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Project
(*Formerly UK Oxy CCS Project)

Company/Alliance: Capture Power Limited, the consortium of Alstom UK Limited and National Grid plc (Drax Power has withdrawn its share)

Location: Drax power station, North Yorkshire, UK

Feedstock: Coal

Size: 426 MW ( 90% capture: 2 Mt/yr CO2 )

Capture Technology: Alstom's oxyfuel combustion

CO2 Fate: 165km pipeline to offshore storage in saline aquifer. EOR options are being investigated

Timing: Final investment decision (2015). Start construction (2016). Operational (2020)


  • On November 25, 2015, the UK announced that it was cancelling the UK £1bn CCS Competition six months before it was to be awarded. This unexpected news has serious consequences on the UK's CCS industry and the White Rose Project. To date there has been no announcement of the project's current status.

July 2014. Awarded up to EUR 300 million in funding as part of the second round of the NER300

In April 2014, the European Commission has confirmed that the White Rose project is in line to win the 300million euros (equivalent to about £250m).

In March 2013, Peterhead and White Rose Projects were announced by the UK government as the two preferred bidders in the UK's £1bn CCS Competition.

In July 2013 the White Rose project was the only CCS project which had applied for the EU NER 300 grant.


April 2016: A Development Consent Order was been sought for the construction and operation of the Project which would have been coal-fired or coal and biomass-fired. A decision letter issued on behalf of energy secretary Amber Rudd stated: "Given the problem of funding the construction and operation of the development, the secretary of state considers that development consent should not be granted for the development on the grounds that there is no available funding and no prospect of funding being provided."  

September 2015, Drax announced that due to reduced renewable subsidies, it will withdraw as a partner of Capture Power Ltd, the developer of the White Rose CCS project, after it completes the FEED studies. However it will continue to make the site owned by Drax, along with the infrastructure at the Power Plant, available for the project to be built.

July 2014, National Grid Carbon Limited awarded the multi-million pound Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) contract for its CCS pipeline to oil and gas engineering specialists Genesis.

March 20, 2013, the White Rose Project was announced as one of the 2 preferred projects for the UK government’s £1billion CCS Competition. The government will now undertake discussions with the two preferred bidders to agree terms by the summer for Front End Engineering Design studies, which will last approximately 18 months. A final investment decision will be taken by the Government in early 2015 on the construction of up to two projects.

In December 2013 the White Rose project was awarded a FEED contract award for a 2 year program of detailed engineering, planning and financial work to finalise and de-risk all aspects of the project.

White Rose project in addition to Don Valley CCS project is being developed as part of the Humber CCS Cluster. This Cluster is part of a greater project to develop a transportation network to transport the captured CO2 for storage in depleted gas fields in the North Sea.

Project Link: White Rose Project web page

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